Evaluation of antagonist capacity of bacillales strains isolated from vermicompost leachate on phytopatogenic fungi


The Bacillales order has been reported to exhibit an antagonistic activity toward some phytopathogens. In addition, several studies have mentioned the presence of some species of this order in the vermicompost leachate. In the present study , the antagonistic effect of five Bacillales strains on the mycelial growth of Phytophthora capsici, Fusarium oxysporum, Alternaria solani and Rhizopus sp. was evaluated. Five bacterial strains were isolated from vermicompost leachate and identified by their morphological and biochemical characteristics. Subsequently these strains and a standard Bacillus subtilis strain were used to observe the competition against four fungi strains by determining the percentage inhibition of mycelial growth. Significant differences in percentage inhibition were founded among strains. The greatest antagonistic capacity was observed in Bacillus licheniformis and B. badius. Results showed that vermicompost leachate containing Bacillales strains could be used as a biocontrol agent of various pathogenic fungi, runing to a more effective and environmentally-friendly product to control those phytopathogens. 

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