Correlation of COL1A2 gene polymorphisms with dental fluorosis in mexican children
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dental fluorosis


Dental fluorosis (FD, for its achronym in spanish) is the hypomineralization of dental enamel caused by increased porosity, severity is due to an excessive intake of fluoride with a dose-response relationship during enamel development. The objective of this study was to determine correlation of rs810687 and rs411717 polymorphisms of (colageno tipo 1 alfa 2) COL1A2 gene with FD in Mexican children aged 10 to 12 years, using Dean Index to establish degree of FD and PCR-HRM for polymorphisms genotyping. We included 100 children of 10.9 ± 0.78 years; Allele and genotype frequencies found were: G = 52.5%, A = 47.5%, G/G = 27.5%, G/A = 49.8%, A/A = 22.5%, C = 63.3%, T = 36.5%, C/C = 40.3%, C/T = 46.3%, T/T = 13.3% of rs810687 and rs411717 polymorphisms respectively; with a Pearson correlation coefficient r =0.017 (p > 0.05) with FD. Results showed that there was no correlation between FD and presence of rs810687 and rs411717 polymorphisms of the COL1A2 gene.
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