Physical fitness among mexican youth users of marijuana and/or alcohol and its comparison with non-users


The incorporation of physical education professionals in the areas of health has improved the study of the effects of marijuana and alcohol use in Mexican young people on Physical Fitness. The application of more precise physical assessment methods has led to more specific studies for adolescents and young adults. This article aims to establish reference values of Physical Fitness for young people who use marijuana and/or alcohol in a government program in the State of Colima, Mexico as compared to the results of nonusers of these harmful substances (marijuana and alcohol). The test results obtained by users were: sit-ups 34.2 (±8.9), squats 40.7 (±11.4) pushups 25.4 (±10.8), long jump 1.9 (±0.3) and Hexagon (26.0) (±8.0); while the non-users group showed the following values: 42.9 (±9.2), 51.8 (±9.0), 34.8 (±14.4), 2.2 (±0.3), and 12.3 (±1.2), respectively. We conclude that the use of marijuana and/or alcohol affects the Physical Fitness of the young people who use it, declining their ability and stamina in the upper limbs, torso and lower limbs, as well as anaerobic power and agility.
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