El Nopal fresco como fuente de fibra y calcio en panqués
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Pound cake
Dietary food.


The aim of this work was to utilize fresh cactus as a source of dietary fiber and calciumin pound cake formulations. Five pound cake formulations using fresh cactus (Opuntiaamyclaea Tenore) were developed (four with sucralosa, one of them without cactus andone with sugar cane and cactus). Sensory evaluation was performed by 60 untrained judgesand based on a preference assay with a hedonic scale from 1 to 9. Protein (Nx6.25),lipids, ashes, carbohydrates, total dietary fiber, calcium and phosphorus were determinedaccording to the methods of the AOAC, (1990). The results showed protein contentsfrom 9.54 to 10.08, moisture from 35.75 to 40.00, lipids from 2.29 g/100 g y 2.44 g/100g fresh weight. The sensory evaluation indicated a good acceptation. The concentrationof dietary fiber ranged from 8.7% to 10.43% g/100 g, and the calcium concentration from0.27 to 0.37 g/100 g. Energy content ranged from 216.02kcal to 225.98kcal kJ/100 g,50 % less than that in commercial pound cakes. Owing to their high fiber and calciumcontents, low caloric value and lack of sugar, pound cakes prepared according to theseformulations might be a healthy option for diabetic and obese people.
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