Efecto de la humedad y compactación de un Ultisol de la sabana del estado Monagas sobre la concentración de clorofila y carotenoides, lavado de electrolitos y contenido relativo de agua en plantas de soya
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Soil compaction
Moisture stress
Chlorophyll in soybean plants.


In late 2008, a greenhouse trial was conducted with soybeans to determine the behavior ofchlorophyll a, b, a+b and carotenoid concentration , electrolyte leakage, and relative watercontent with respect to moisture and ultisol soil compaction, because these two factors are acommon limiting factor of agricultural soil in the state of Monagas. A randomized block designwith factorial arrangement (4x4) was used, and the interaction of four levels of compactionproduced by different number of blows per layer (0, 12, 24, 36) and four levels of moistureproduced by varying the irrigation frequency (daily, every two days, every three days and fourdays) was studied. Analysis of variance and regression analysis indicated that the most influentialfactor in the variables assessed was the frequency of irrigation.
PDF (Español (España))