Application of ISO 15686 to estimate service life of a dome built with adobe technology in the city of Toluca, Mexico

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Service life
constructed assets
factor method
ISO 15686.


This paper focuses only on the application of a methodology used to estimate the service life of any constructed asset, in this case as an example about an architectonic project of a dome designed with adobe technology in the city of Toluca, Mexico, based on the method ISO 15686 (ISO, 2000). The service life of the project was estimated via seven factors. The results show that the final value is a quantitative but also a qualitative estimation is presented, therefore, this method is not perfect; however, this methodology could be helpful to the shallow, rapid and rough estimate of the service life of a building or building components that are required to be designed and constructed. This method could be very useful to architects, builders, civil engineers and developers for decision-making in the early stages of architectonic design, particularly in the planning of the building and pre-design phases.


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