Temperature and shelving period effect on albumin height and color of supermarket eggs sold in northwest Mexico

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albumin height


Changes in albumin height and yolk color of supermarket eggs were determined by a regression model with dummy variables after periods of 1, 3 and 6 days. A first group included eggs stored above 25 ºC, while the second included eggs stored below 25 ºC. It was found that although on day one, eggs in both group were classified in the highest quality category, after six days a reduction in albumin height placed both groups in the second quality classification. However, it was found that percentage loss for group below 25 ºC was smaller than reduction in group above 25 ºC. Percentage of change in yolk color measured by L* a* and b* was smaller for the group above 25 ºC. Results indicate that when temperature in a supermarket reaches 25 ºC or more, eggs should not be stored for more than six days.



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