Detection of transgenes in genetically modified organisms and their subproducts
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transgenic plants


Recombinant DNA technologies allow the assembly of new genes (transgenes) that can be introduced into plants to confer them new characteristics. The new varieties are known as transgenic crops and are included in the widely used generic term Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Corn, soybean and cotton are the most important transgenic crops whereas the most common traits are herbicide and insect tolerance.  Mexico is exposed to unintentional releases of GMO into the environment. It will cause a problem when diversity is affected. Therefore, there is a need to develop procedures that will allow the detection or identification of transgenes in GMO as well as in GMO-related products. The objective of this study is to develop and validate some procedures to detect transgenes in GMO and GMO-derived products using PCR-based assays. Increase reproducibility and the use of accessible reagents are important part of the strategy in order to standardize and facilitate its implementation through different laboratories.
PDF (Español (España))