Aplicación de productos derivados del insecto Dactylopius coccus Costa (Homóptera, Dactylopiidae)
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natural dye
lipstick bullet.



Nowadays many industries want to replace synthetic dyes by natural, due to its harmful effects and the high contamination of the environment. Dactylopius coccus Costa (cochi­neal) is an insect to obtain natural products that are used as dyes. The aim of this study was to promote the application of cochineal and the products derivates of these insect, in the dyeing of cotton fabric and in the coloration of a lipstick bullet at the laboratory. Was applied to the aqueous extract of cochineal on cotton fabric, obtaining homogeneous colors, with average values in the CIELab scale of: 43.81±0.33 L*, 44.64±0.15 a* y -4.03±0.55 b*. It also was applied the carmine pigment in the elaboration of a lipstick bullet, was obtai­ned consistent color with the following average values on the CIELab scale: 13.25±3.62 L*, 4.80±1.41 a* y -0.23±0.84 b*.

PDF (Español (España))