Genómica Funcional de Plantas: Estudio del Desarrollo de Flores y Frutos
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Transcription factors
Flower and fruit development


The last stages of fl oral development are ovule fertilization and fruit formation. Fruits are very important both biologically and economically. Notably, more than 80% of human food is obtained from flowers and fruits. Gathering basic knowledge about the molecular mechanisms of fruit development from model species is of great scientific interest, and is an essential step to facilitate research and, when feasible, applications in fruits consumed by humans. Especially in countries like Mexico, which has such a great diversity of fruits, this kind of research is both necessary and scientifically interesting, and has potentially important economic repercussions. The goal of the lab is to discover new genes that are involved inflower development, making use of the resources provided by model plants like Arabidopsis thaliana. A special focus is made on genes and processes that can affect cell and tissue identity, morphology, and that can cause parthenocarpy (fruits without seed). These genes and processes can then be studied in other species and their effects in those species assessed.
PDF (Español (España))