Estado del Arte y Perspectiva del Envejecimiento de los Pavimentos Asfálticos
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Asphalt cement
Hot mix asphalt and asphalt pavement.


The ageing of asphalt cement is considered to be one cause of the degradation of asphalt pavement, as evidenced by loosening of the petroleum aggregate and specifically by the loss of the course surface layer. Research on the ageing of asphalt cement has been conducted for decades, during which a variety of simple mathematical relationships based essentially on laboratory results have been proposed, and relationships between the service life-time of asphalt pavement and its performance have been established based on field results. Most of the mathematical or analogs models proposed by the researchers are limited as they correspond to equations generated under local conditions or for specific systems, and that arenot applicable in other geographies or if some element of the system changes, such as the quality of the asphalt cement. These antecedents call for a search for modeling techniques that will be assertive in the generation of results.
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