Descripción del potencial de aprovechamiento hídrico y de riesgos hidrológicos en el municipio de Xichú, NE del estado de Guanajuato
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Potencial de aprovechamiento
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flujo base
residuos mineros
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Hydrological potential at Xichu county was described. It is considered the main water reserve of the state of Guanajuato, but paradoxically inhabitants don`t have water supply minimal infrastructure. At Xichu is possible to find the most contaminated site with arsenic in Mexico: La Aurora mine tailings. The aim of this study was to know hydric exploitation potential (annual rain volume and fluxes of seven springs) and to describe danger scenarios (cartography of mine tailings of La Aurora, hydrological conditions of two main channels and to simulate maximal runoff using real rains data). Springs at karstic and fractured rocks produce significative volumes that can supply potable water to population all year. Mine wastes represents at least 600 000 t of materials that can be eroded. Rains over this region favor threat conditions by slides or remotion mass processes. It lacks hydrologic instrumentation to predict risks and take opportune decisions.
PDF (Español (España))