Evaluation of the quality of the evidence of the results and impacts of the Programa Estratégico de Seguridad Alimentaria (PESA) in Mexico
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Evidence-based policy
food safety
program evaluation.


The Programa Estratégico de Seguridad Alimentaria (PESA) has remained in force for more than ten years without substantial changes to its objective, methodology and beneficiary population, although there have been significant changes in coverage, magnitude of public spending, and political transitions. This program seeks to achieve food security and to promote an increase in income of poor rural populations through productive projects and skills development. The type and quality of the evidence provided (through a systematic review) by the assessments of the results and impacts are characterized. While there is agreement about the increased physical availability of food, a large discrepancy in the magnitude of impacts reported by the evaluations is observed along with a low relevance. It is concluded that there is insufficient evidence to justify the substantial increase in public spending and the great growth of geographical coverage.

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