Desarrollo de la Investigación en la Universidad de Guanajuato en los Últimos Quince Años
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Research indicators.


In this article, as Acta Universitaria celebrates fifteen years since its first publication, a general review of the research role at the University of Guanajuato is presented. Such review is based on some statistics and indicators related with full time faculty, researchers, academic bodies, graduate programs, resources for research, projects and some institutional programs aimed towards the strengthening of the research activity. The data provided corresponds to the years 1991 and 2005 so that one can compare the present situation with the one fifteen years ago. It can be concluded that in this activity our institution has been strengthened, for now it has a greater number of full time faculty with a better profile to fulfil this important pursuit. There is also a greater availability of graduate programs and its quality is well recognized in the country. There has also been a consistent advancement in the consolidation and register of academic bodies.
PDF (Español (España))