Tasa de Crecimiento del Pez Ángel Pterophyllum scalare (Perciformes: Cichlidae) en Condiciones de Laboratorio
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Angel fish


The effect of feeding live water fleas (Daphnia pulex) and two dry feeds (Tetra-Bits and Sera) on growth of angel fish, Pterophyllum scalare, in the laboratory was evaluated over 60 days using 90 broods with an initial weight of 0.10 g applying the Specific growth rate, and Relative and Absolute growth tests. The Specific growth rate (mg/day) for the P. scalare broods receiving D. pulex was greastest (P<0.05) at 4.86 mg/day. Growth observed with Tetra-Bits and Sera was 3.58 mg/day and 3.35 mg/day, respectively. The effect of the feed on growth in terms of weight and size of the P. scalare broods was greater (P<0.05) in the organisms fed water fleas with a protein content of 52%. This lot obtained a final weight of 2.23 g, a length of 3.58 cm and a height of 2.77 cm. Individuals receiving Tetra-Bits reached an average weight of 0.84 g, a length of 2.60 cm and a height of 1.83 cm. The study group receiving Sera attained a final average weight of 0.716 g, a length of 2.28 cm and a height of 1.67 cm.

PDF (Español (España))