Contexto de Descubrimiento y Contexto de Justificación: Un Problema Filosófico en la Investigación Científica

Ramón Bárcenas


Hans Reichenbach was the first philosopher to draw the distinction between “context of discovery and context of justification”, to distinguish between how scientific discoveries take place from how they are justified and accepted. Many philosophers (Reichenbach, Popper, Hempel, etc.) have argued that only justification is philosophically interesting, because in it there are methodological and epistemic issues involved. In this paper, it is argued that historical studies of scientific discoveries show that in the context of discovery there are relevant methodological and epistemic issues as well.


Discovery, Scientific method, Epistemology, Induction, W, Whewell, J. Kepler, H. Reichenbach, L. Laudan, K. Popper, T. Nickles.

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