El Diseño Curricular por Competencias Laborales en la Carrera de Ingeniero Agrónomo de la Universidad de Guanajuato
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Curriculum design
agronomist career
curriculum basis
graduate profiles
teachers profile
curriculum structure
curriculum evaluation.


This work was done to meet the demand for modernizing the curriculum in agronomy. It is based on a documental review following the methodology of Hanel [et al.], in 1997. The results were: identification of the main problems in agriculture, agronomy, and the career of agronomist, and in educational policies and university philosophy; determination of the four careers in agronomy; definition of the graduate profile in terms of knowledge, ability, attitudes, and values; requirement of professors with postgraduate studies and pedagogical and axiological updating; a flexible curricular structure tied to the logic of the discipline; an integral evaluation from curriculum to administration; identification of complementary activities that contribute to the formation of the student; the socializing of the curriculum with participation of academics and their introduction in distinct forums. Thus the institutional demand was met in a search for excellence in student preparation, quality in the educational process, and encouragement of evaluation practices.
PDF (Español (España))