Un Nuevo Enfoque en el Estudio de la Esporotricosis: Mutantes de Sporothrix schenckii
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Sporothrix schenckii


A wild-type strain and mutant strain of Sporothrix schenckii were studied as an experimental model in the process of differentiation and development which occurs when the host cell is invaded causing sporotrichosis. The mutant strains of S. schenckii were obtained by exposure to ultraviolet light and Nitrosoguanidine. The morphological mutants M-III and M-V were selected. These mutants showed a colonial alteration and a higher growth rate than the wild-type strains. Moreover, the mutants showed greater adhesion to the substratum. An analysis of the components of the cell wall and the distribution of nuclei indicate that significant differences do not exist which involve damage by mutation. The results suggest that in morphological mutants there is an alteration of growth and its regulation in the host cell. Biochemical and immunological studies related to the virulence of S. schenkii are needed for diagnosis and in the future to help prevent sporotrichosis.
PDF (Español (España))