Sistema para la Aplicación de Pruebas Psicológicas vía Web
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Psychological tests
Web system
computerized test.


In this work, we present a generic Web system for the application, capturing and editing ofany multiple-choice psychological test capable of storing data permanently (in order to makecomparative and longitudinal studies). Also, these data can be imported into other statisticalprograms such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS and Origin. The implementation and administrationof the tests can be done from any Internet-connected computer without installing specializedsoftware. To evaluate the potential of this system, the questionnaire Cuestionario Honey-Alonsode Estilos de Aprendizaje (C. H. A. E. A.) was captured and applied to 255 subjects. Theresults showed a significant reduction in time spent calculating the factor, in the same way,the total score for each test also prevented the occurrence of errors made by human interventionin the assessment manual (since this process was automated by the system).
PDF (Español (España))