Institutional Tutoring Program: a strategy for raising standards of achievement in an educational institution
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Higher Education
Intitutional Tutoring Pro¬gram


 This paper shows educational intervention strategies as an aid in reducing student failure and dropout rates supported on an institutional mentoring program, which is among current trends regarding policies for Higher Education (ES). The framework that was established in the European Space for Higher Education for the development of the Tuning project and its later adaptation and implementation in Latin America (AL) was considered. The aforementioned agencies have contributed to the creation of a normative framework for the development of competency-based education, an approach engaged by the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) as part of its new educational model. During this research, two joint strategies were presented: auxiliary courses and a counseling program, both supported by the institutional tutoring pro­gram in order to reduce student failure and dropout rates. The results showed that there was a 22.72% decrease in failure rate when considering all the students that were enrolled during the semester. It can be concluded that auxiliary courses and counseling programs are an al­ternative that can help reduce student failure and dropout rates.
PDF (Español (España))