Methodological proposal for the study of business incubators based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) and knowledge networks: the case of the UAEMex
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Social Network Analysis
knowledge net¬works
business incubators
structural and positional indicators


The rapid changes that have occurred regarding technology and markets have resulted in fostering the development of networks among different agents (individuals, businesses, uni­versities, and governments) in an attempt to exchange both tangible (infrastructure) and intangible (knowledge) resources. The aim of this article is to propose a methodological framework based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) and knowledge networks in order to study business incubators as structures that encourage the development of networks and knowledge exchanges. Specifically, this work examines the case of the twelve business in­cubators from the UAEMex, and the relationships that exist between them. A questionnaire was applied to the coordinators of the business incubators as the primary source of informa­tion. A relevant conclusion is that the proposed methodology describes an alternative way to examine business incubators from the point of view of networks and knowledge.
PDF (Español (España))