Diseño, fabricación y prueba de una antena de parche para GPS en aplicaciones automotrices
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patch antenna
Rogers RT/duroid 5880
circular polarization.


This work is focused on the development of a prototype patch antenna designed for use asa replacement antenna in automotive Global Positioning Systems (GPS). In simulations andtesting of the prototype, the focus was on the antenna gain. Transmission-reception testingwas done to verify the operation frequency. The prototype was tested with a commercial GPSkit to evaluate its performance as a replacement antenna. Laboratory testing showed that itcomplied with the minimum requirements for both reception and transmission frequencies,while testing on a stationary vehicle showed slight variations when compared to the positiondata obtained using the same kit with its original antenna. In non-stationary testing, positiondeterminations made with the prototype were sufficiently precise for use.
PDF (Español (España))