Neoliberalism in Latin America and anti-immigrant US policies; effects on Hispanic migration (1990-2012)
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United States
Latin America


Introduction. Since 1990, the combination of structural reforms in Latin America and Unit­ed States (US) anti-immigration policies have resulted in an increase in poverty, unemploy­ment, and Hispanic migration to that country. Objectives: To analyze regional unemploy­ment and the migration phenomenon based on the relationship between neoliberalism in Latin America and US anti-immigration policies. Method. Deductive and comparative based on data collection of unemployment and immigration in Latin America and US anti-immi­gration policies. Outcomes. To show the increasing level of unemployment in Latin America, the growing immigration rate to the United States, and the changing profile of Hispanic im­migrants. Conclusion. Rather than avoiding legal or illegal entry of Hispanics into the United States, its anti-immigrant policies have intensified selective immigration policies.
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