Selective reflection in two-dimensional hybrid photonic structures of Si-ZnO


Photonic crystals
transparent conductive coating
zinc oxide.


Hybrid two-dimensional photonic crystal structure described by a square lattice of circular air columns with embedded quasi-circular micro-cavities in a square array was fabricated on Si-ZnO substrate using the focused ion beam (FIB) technique. The optical characterization of this photonic device revealed its ability to selectively enhance the reflectance on specific wave lengths in the border of visible-near-infrared range (VIS-NIR). The behavior of the photonic hetero-structure built and studied in this work was attributed to the coupling of the probe light beam with the embedded micro-cavities in the regular square lattice of air columns describing the photonic crystal. The results obtained in this work suggest the presence of a photonic band gap around the border of VIS-NIR range in the studied hybrid photonic structure.


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