Diagnostic alternative of onychomycosis in diabetic foot using infrared images
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infrared images
Trichophyton rubrum


Because only one out of two dystrophic nails have this condition due to the presence of onychomycosis, it is necessary that in addition to the clinical assessment, a support diagnosis should be performed to suggest proper treatment. For diabetic people cases the responsibility to give an accurate diagnosis is even more important, because the treatments will be in accordance to not further complicate the patient's health. As the standard method to diagnosis of onychomycosis is by direct microscopy and culture, and which have the disadvantage of not being sufficiently assertive and culture take a long time to determination.  A diagnostic alternative is proposed here, it uses infrared images and is fast, efficient and allows observing the area of infection process, and in a way the degree of damage as well as being completely innocuous.

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