Una construcción elaborada con muros de papel y cartón comprimidos más otros residuos valorizables
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Compactable waste
Waste paper compress
Recoverable waste
Xerophil Opuntia bigelovii.


We have built three walls of a room using recoverable waste (RW) that was carefully selected in order to build three walls of room. This recoverable waste was extracted from recycling containers (previously installed in strategic places) that were used to gather either paper or cardboard. The construction procedure that was used, is similar to the one used by the Bereberes (indigenous ethnic group of the northeast of Africa) for their own houses. The main advantage of this type of housing is the use of recycled waste. This document will show the 16 year old construction that in present time is still occupied by a family and the walls are still in optimal condition in terms of its resistance and comfort.
PDF (Español (España))