Comparison of suicide notes from Mexico and Chile via Multidimensional scaling
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Suicide notes
multidimensional scaling


Given that most suicides occur in developing countries, it is pertinent to analyze suicidal behavior in Latin-America. The present was a comparative study between suicide notes from Mexico and Chile. A first phase consisted in conducting a Content Analysis to all the suicide notes, employing the inter-judge method. In the second phase, they were compared using Multidimensional Scaling. The compared categories were: reasons expressed for the suicide, personality traits (sentiments and attitudes), affect indicated and cognitive processes. Positive correlations were found in both samples, in some groups of variables, such as thecognitive processes of unconsciousness of the consequences of the suicide act, and illogicalthinking; and consciousness of the consequences correlated with logical thinking. Among the significant differences, the Chilean sample expressed more motives for suicide related to health problems, while the Mexican sample expressed fewer reasons to continue living.
PDF (Español (España))