Myths and realities on insect-resistant transgenic plants
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Bacillus thuringiensis
non-target organisms
Monarch butterfly


There is a great debate about the use and field release of transgenic plants throughout the world. Due to the great potential of transgenic plants, this debate should be based on evidences coming from scientific studies made by qualified researchers. This report is based on the exhaustive review of scientific articles showing experimental support dealing with possible risks of releasing to the field these plants resistant to pest damage. More than eight hundred articles related to various issues about the potential risks of such releases were consulted. Only articles published in recognized peer reviewed scientific journals were included. From such a review, an overwhelming amount of evidence was found supporting the safety about the use and release of these insect-resistant plants. To date, the release of insect-resistant transgenic plants is safe. Studies on the possible introgression of transgenes into wild plants, such as teosinte, should be made.
PDF (Español (España))