A Method to Ease the Deployment of Web Applications that Involve Database Systems

Palabras clave

Interfase gráfi ca del usuario
Base de datos
Desarrollo de aplicaciones Web
SQL. Graphic user interface
Web application deployment

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Ledesma, S., Hernández Fusilier, D., Vega Corona, A., & Cervantes Aviña, J. G. (2007). A Method to Ease the Deployment of Web Applications that Involve Database Systems. Acta Universitaria, 17(1), 29–38. https://doi.org/10.15174/au.2007.163


The continuous growth of the Internet has driven people, all around the globe, to performtransactions on-line, search information or navigate using a browser. As more people feelcomfortable using a Web browser, more software companies are trying to alternatively offerWeb interfaces to provide access to their applications. The consequent nature of the Webconnection and the restrictions imposed by the available bandwidth make the successfulintegration of Web applications and database systems critical. Because popular databaseapplications provide a user interface to edit and maintain the information in the databaseand because each column in the database table maps to a graphic user interface control,the deployment of these applications can be time consuming; appropriate fi eld validationand referential integrity rules must be observed. Thus, an object-oriented approach is proposedto ease the development of applications that involve database systems.