Murciélagos de Guanajuato: Perspectiva Histórica y Actualización de su Conocimiento
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New state record
Historic revision.


This paper reviews the chiropteran fauna of the state of Guanajuato, principally in a historical perspective but with the additional aim of bringing the fi eld up to date. Starting with Dr. Alfredo Dugès’ nineteenth-century works, the available literature is surveyed through 2005. In addition, the synonymy, or scientific nomenclature for types of animals, is revised and updated.The greater mastiff bat (Promops centralis) is here recorded in Guanajuato for the first time, and a consolidated list of species is provided; to date, 17 are known to be represented within the state. A brief critique of the current extent of knowledge about the bats of Guanajuato is included, as well as commentary on the importance of furthering this knowledge, both in the near and medium future.
PDF (Español (España))