Competencias Profesionales del Ingeniero Agrónomo de la Universidad de Guanajuato
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Agricultural engineer
Professional Competences.


In order to determine the professional competencies needed by Agricultural Engineers, a bibliographic review of agricultural problems in the state of Guanajuato was performed, focused on the types and characteristics of competencies needed, which were identified and classified as follows: Techniques for the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of various methods of crop production; the efficient use of water; the conservation, recuperation, and optimization of soil; the selection and use of machinery and farming equipment; and the diagnosing, control, and prevention of weeds, vermin, and crop diseases; Methodologies for the analysis, implementation, and evaluation of various sales strategies and the commercialization of agricultural products and sub-products; the administration of companies and agricultural projects; and the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of agricultural energy alternatives; Social participation in the design, implementation and evaluation of diverse rural development strategies. It is concluded that the formation of agricultural engineers must include these competencies in order for them to be able to contribute to the resolution of the agricultural problematic in the State.
PDF (Español (España))