Broths for Xont’e. Symbolic territoriality as legislative challenge in Guanajuato
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Intangible cultural heritage
food customs
cultural identity.


Can diet add elements to avoid fragmentation of legislation concerning biodiversity and cultural diversity? Question arouses after having applied a flashback survey in Municipal Area of Tierra Blanca, Guanajuato. Two of the findings were, imminent loss of language and active national roots through Otomi Indigenous gathering in San Ildefonso Cieneguilla. It seemed as foremen were axis. However, symbolic territoriality goes on further then just peregrinate around Xont’e Hill or Pinal del Zamorano. It has to do with sharing food with inhabitants, to share knowledge about local herbs, as well as recognition to cookers or “gusneras” as they are called in the area. In the text, it is argued how recognition of this interaction can allow integrating local legislation: decree that defines “Conservation Reserve” del Pinal del Zamorano or Xont’e as well as regulation to protect indigenous communities and towns in the state of Guanajuato (2011) and Census of Towns and Indigenous Communities in the state of Guanajuato (2012).
PDF (Español (España))