States production, fertility, and mortality rates in mexico: an analysis of their long-term relationships and dynamics
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dynamic ordinary least squares (DOLS)
dynamic models for panel data
mexican states.


We use annual panel data for the 32 Mexican states, during the 1993-2010 period, to study the long-term relationships and dynamics of production, fertility, and mortality in Mexico. The study uses cointegration and Granger-causality tests for panel data, Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares (DOLS) estimations, and dynamic panel data models. The main findings are: 1) the indicators cointegrate; 2) the estimated long-run relationship shows negative correlations between production and fertility and between production and mortality; 3) there is causality from mortality to production; 4) there is bidirectional causality between fertility and production; and 5) mortality effects on production are bigger than fertility effects on production.
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