CO2 as refrigerant: from the past to future
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carbon dioxide
transcritical cycle
global warning potential


In recent years, and due to problems resulting from global warming, interest has grown in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning, specifically regarding the use of natural refrigerants and hydrocarbons with low potential for global warming. Such is the case of the use of CO2 as a cold fluid, which has been considered in the scientific community as an adequate alternative to common refrigerants. Nowadays, the use of CO2 in the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning has been recognized at international levels. Therefore, this work aims to show its potential as a natural refrigerant, the causes why this fluid was temporarily replaced by chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants, and its reappearance in the XXI century. It also proposes the use of CO2 in air conditioning in our country by using vapor compression technology, based on the transcritical cycle.
PDF (Español (España))