The impact of women’s agency and autonomy on their decision-making capacity in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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decision-making capacity
women’s labor force participation.


Women’s decision-making capacity is central for promoting their wellbeing. When women are unable to decide for themselves independently means to promote their wellbeing, scarce resources are likely to be underutilized. Women’s capacity to make decisions especially on matters that influence their wellbeing is of central concern for the provision of social services as well as health care services. Thus, determinants of women’s decision-making capacity are essential for improving their status in society and households. The aim of this work is to analyze relationship between level of autonomy and agency of women in conjunction with their effects on their decision-making ability using structural equation modeling in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Participants of this study are women older than 15 years old residing in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Results reveal that women’s agency positively influences their decision-making capacity. Also, autonomy has a significant and positive indirect effect on women's decision-making capacity, but its direct effect decreases when agency is included.