Perspectiva personal y profesional del estudiante de bachillerato que consume alcohol
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Personal Perspective
Profesional Perspective


In Mexico, alcohol consumption is currently a growing public health problem, particularly with respect to the adolescents. Alcohol consumption is part of a complex phenomenon with biological, psychological, and social effects. Alcoholism is a disease which affects a dangerous proportion of the adolescent population, irrespective of gender, economic status, or social condition. One of the main functions of nursing is to promote healthy behaviors and prevent the development of diseases and their complications among the population. This paper presents research focused on high school students whose alcohol consumption is a habit that causes problems in the short, medium and long term, in addition to social and economic costs. This purpose of this study was to explore this phenomenon to provide professional nurses with have the knowledge necessary to intervene, and in some cases modify, the personal andprofessional perspective of adolescents, in order for them to have a productive future even if they continue to consume alcohol. From the sample it was found that the most representative group is between 16 and 18 years old, at a rate of 85.1%. 65.7% are female and 34.3% male. 97% are single, 92.5% have no children, and 80.6% live in nuclear family. 88.1% consider themselves to be healthy, 92.5% considered themselves successful, 89.6% consider their families to be functional, 94% believe themselves to be living in a family with values and principles that promote good behavior, and 91% would like to have a family where they talk about the consequences of alcohol consumption. 95.5% would like to become a recognized professional, 92.5% visualize themselves as professionals respected by their colleagues for the opportunities brought by their professional career, 97% would like to have a job with good salary, and 95.5% would like to have sufficient financial resources generated by their employment as professionals that their children would have the opportunity to get a good education.
PDF (Español (España))