Nivel de complejidad de las competencias genéricas en carreras agroalimentarias
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Transverse Competences
Higher Education.


To determine the generic competencies and their complexity level in the agriculture, food production and animal husbandry programs at the University of Guanajuato, the institutional standards and curriculum documents of the Environmental Engineering, Food and Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnology graduate degree programs were revised. Learning units, transverse axes, activities and learning products, and the program evaluation form were reviewed. A scale was established for the level of complexity and was then transformed into a percentage. The order of complexity of competence was: learning process, axiological, autonomy, personal development, interpersonal relationships and group work. In the first place numerical skills, analysis, synthesis and evaluation stand out; in the second, compromise and respect for the environment; in the third, criticism and participation; and in the last place communication in a second language. This paper concludes that most of curriculum must be updated with an eye towards balancing the various competencies.
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