Universities in Mexico: a measure of its efficiency through data envelopment analysis with bootstrap
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technical efficiency


This paper presents efficiency of 32 public universities in Mexico in 2012, instrumenting   Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), identifying overall technical, pure technical and scale efficiency, considering also bootstrapping technique to give strength to the scores. To measure this efficiency authors like Nazarko & Saparauskas (2014); Ramirez & Alfaro (2013); Cunha & Rocha (2012) have been used as input financing, while as outputs, Agasisti & Perez-Esparrells (2010), and Daghbashyan (2009), used variables relating to education and research. Results show that on average, it had a value of 0.77 of efficiency with VRS DEA and 0.71 with CRS DEA, using bootstrap. Although any university was efficient, the Autonomous University of Queretaro was the closest to optimum value and in the opposite side was University of Chapingo who obtained the lowest value.

PDF (Español (España))