Analysis of the entrepreneurship iniativeand the entrepreneurial spirit about perception the students of a tecnológico federal
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entrepreneurial initiative
entrepreneurial education
entrepreneurial spirit
higher education.


An entrepreneur has the ability to manage different resources, in order to integrate a product or service in the market. An excellent place where you learn to perform these tasks is school. The aim of this work was to study perception of students from a Tecnológico Federal, regarding factors involved in formation of entrepreneurship, in order to know current situation of phenomenon and understand operation within framework of the National System of Technological Institutes educational model and daily practice in classroom. This is a cross-sectional descriptive study. The production data sample used are 454 students from four engineering courses taught in a Tecnológico Federal located in Mexico City. Results showed that in general, perception of students surveyed about their abilities are considered fair to very good, as only 8% answers believe they are between bad till very bad. Findings reflect need to strengthen programs, with more emphasis on engineering career in business management, not forgetting mainstreaming of entrepreneurship in all others. It is proposed to create programs that include residence for teachers and students with successful entrepreneurs.
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