El Diseño Sustentable como Herramienta para el Desarrollo de la Arquitectura y Edificación en México
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Life Cycle Design
Sustainable architecture and environment.


This paper presents a very important tool for Sustainable Design in Architecture and Urbanism.This document explains what the Sustainable Design is, and its relation with LifeCycle Design which one is another tool that complements the Design Process during the creation of architecture projects, as well as during building construction and maintenance activities. This paper also describes the sustainability concept in relation with architecture; and how its principles could generate design methods and design strategies to solve several problems in architecture and urbanism projects for current and future requirements, in several sustainability aspects, such as: economy, society and environment. This paper also expounds that, in México, it is necessary to expand the laws and standards regarding architecture, because the current laws are not adequate to meet the necessary standards in relation to architecture with these characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to increase architectural research, mainly in technological branches in order to be conducive towards sustainable development.
PDF (Español (España))