Potential of food products from northeast Guanajuato
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Northeast Area of Guanajuato
cactus fruits
pine kernel
tuberculosis free zone


Northeast Guanajuato State, Mexico, is an area with semi-arid climate. Despite this, it has a wide variety of products of plant (pine kernels and cactus fruits) and animal origin (bovine, ovine and caprine livestock) with great potential to be processed and marketed. Therefore, the aim of this work is to exhibit nutritional and nutraceutical properties of these products and explore technologies that can be applied to obtain quality foods. In assessing value chain of products, no transformation link was found. This creates a great opportunity to generate added value through implementation of technologies accessible to communities in question. Thus, development of agents with a function of a transformation link would generate resources to promote socio-economic impact, always seeking a better quality of life for inhabitants of region.

PDF (Español (España))