Adaptación de Cultivares de Ajo Morado y Blanco (Allium sativum L.) en Acatlán, Guerrero, México
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Allium sativum L.


In the state of Guerrero, Mexico, garlic is cultivated in the Central region, at Chilapa and Zitlala municipalities, where the growers cultivate Criollo Regional genotype adapted to the climatic conditions of the region. The object of this investigation was to study the adaptability of the cultivars of the purple and the white garlic in Guerrero’s central region, considering both their yield and quality for the domestic and/or export markets. Research work was conducted during the 2000- 2001 fall-winter cycle, in Acatlan, municipality of Chilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero. Thirteen garlic cultivars were evaluated using completely randomized blocks design, with four repetitions. Mean separation using Tukey test P<0,05 and analysis of simple correlation were made. The analyzed variables were: bulb diameter, bulb longitude, bulb weight; plant height; neck diameter, number of leaves, bulb yield, number of cloves per bulb and clove weight. The genotypes did not present statistical differences in bulb diameter, bulb longitude, individual bulb weight, neck diameter, bulb yield, individual clove weight; but they exhibited considerable variation in: plant height, number of leaves and number of cloves per bulb. The Blanco de Egipto and Criollo Regional developed the highest heights. All the introduced materials yielded similar to the Criollo Regional. The bulb yield was correlated positively with plant height, bulb diameter and individual clove weight.
PDF (Español (España))