Base de Datos Antropométricos y Maniquí Parametrizado
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Today, Mexico faces a serious shortage of well-validated anthropometrics information; this has a strong bearing on the way labor elements are designed. The lack of reliable information impedes an adequate man-machine dimensional match, a factor that favors excessive fatigue, which in turn might result in serious damage to workers’ health. An initial logical step towards solving this problem is the gathering of anthropometrics information directly obtained from the Mexican working population. This report stems from a functional, anthropometrics study, that involved a sample of 509 male subjects, drawn from the working population in the shoemaking industry, at the city of Leon, Guanajuato. Thirty-seven anthropometrics, sociological and demographic features were measured or as sessed. The information so gathered was built into a database, which was in turn used as a base for the construction of a computerized mannequin. In generating this tool, a parametric method was applied using the standing height as the basic parameter. Both database and mannequin are meant as sources of guidance and help for designers. Relevant and properly validated information will be presented in a way that facilitates its consulting and handling. This, in turn will allow designers to create machines, tools and workspaces that incorporate ergonomic criteria.
PDF (Español (España))